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What is Contact Center as a Service

What is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)  Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS broadly refers to the availability of Contact Center functionality and associated benefits through the use of cloud-based technologies offered through a consumption-based model. The journey leading to the creation of the term CCaaS requires us to glance back in time, and refresh ourselves of how the Call Center technology stacks looked and the associated cost and support models that underpinned it. How it was… Planning of multiple 500 seat Call

What is Omnichannel

What is omnichannel

What is Omnichannel?   What is Omnichannel – The term omnichannel has evolved in response to the varying demands of the contact center industry over the last 10 years. Voice dominated the call center arena for many years, with additional forms of communication handled in a vacuum, usually through disparate systems and segmented teams of agents. As the thirst for contact center efficiencies increased and varying digital channels were adopted, it became necessary for the contact center industry to provide the