New day, new challenges and new opportunities

At Conduit Global, agents quickly learn that each day is different, providing a workplace in which to experience new situations that foster professional growth.  There is no routine for Conduit Global team members, who regularly participate in the latest training and various leisure activities.   There is no question that from time to time, things can get busy in our bustling contact centers; but with skilled supervisors always present to provide the right level of guidance, challenging situations quickly become rewarding learning experiences.  With so many roles that quickly become routine, why not choose the option that lets you learn in a fast-paced, consumer-focused environment?

Helping achieve work / life balance

Conduit Global wants each of its team members to have a fulfilling life outside of work.  This is why we aim to provide an environment in which flexibility is the norm; whether it’s taking part in a sporting event, going on vacation, needing to attend classes or spending time with family members, Conduit Global works with employees to develop a schedule that takes their priorities into account.

Rewarding excellence and achievement

One of the reasons that Conduit Global’s team members enjoy working in our centers is because of our approach to employee recognition.  On top of a competitive base salary and vacation pay, Conduit Global’s agents can leverage a number of programs that reward excellence in consumer interactions, ranging from prizes on the floor to pay bonuses. Equally, team members can take advantage of our regular social events that recognize high achievement, in which workmates become friends over activities that include sporting competitions, holiday-themed parties and team building exercises.

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