Inbound Services

Customer service

Courteous and professional agents will be selected and trained using a tailor-made program developed especially for the services you provide.

Whatever your customers’ needs may be, your agents are prepared to help you build a long term relationship with them.

Benefits management

Coverage varies from member to member and is built on individual choices and specific needs. Your agents have the experience to understand benefits.

Your specialist agents will help patients or medical staffs understand benefits or find a convenient location to meet their needs.

Billing and payments management

Aside from the product or service you offer, one of the most important processes in your business is billing and payment collection. Your PCI compliant billing resolution specialists can assist your customers with their billing or payment requests, within the guidelines you specify.

Sales retention / upsell / cross-sell

Once a sale is made, the last thing you want is a customer calling in to cancel an order or service.

Your center sales agents are trained to save the sale, identify opportunities for new sales and upgrades, as well as cross-selling your ancillary products and services.

Technical support

Your trained technical support agents provide customer guidance at any level.

  • First time users
  • Tiered technical support
  • Activation assistance
  • Customer or staff help desk support
  • We will improve first call resolution results and reduce the cost associated with technicians being dispatched.

Registration / Appointment setting

Your staff is one of your largest investments. We can help you get the highest return on that investment, by keeping their focus on your core business, and letting our staff help with the registration.

Credit management

Whether the economy is strong, or times are tough, credit keeps the wheels turning. For customers inquiring about credit, following up on a submitted application, reporting a purchase they did not make, or asking for more credit, your industry trained agents will know how to handle it all.

Outbound Services

Service management and follow-up

You want to resolve customer questions or concerns on the first call, set up appointments, make reservations, or you or your customers may need to adjust schedules.

Your agents are trained to understand both your program and the needs of your customers to improve customer satisfaction.

Product recalls

Consumer safety comes first. Failure to issue recalls in a fast and efficient manner may be more devastating than the recall itself.

When a recall is necessary, you need a fast, professional contact strategy so the impact on your customers and business is minimized.

Market research

It is important to understand the needs of the consumer and business markets and what is trending.

Your market research specialists will gather and report the data necessary for you to make informed business decisions.

Sales retention / upsell / cross-sell

Your center sales agents are trained to save the sale, identify opportunities for new sales and upgrades, as well as cross-selling your ancillary products and services.

Back Office Services

Claims processing

We can help your customers through the claims process and ensure that they supply the correct information. This speeds up and streamlines the process for the customer and for you.

Data cleansing

We can process your data, identify any corrupt or inaccurate files and remove, modify or delete them as appropriate to ensure you have an accurate data set.

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