September 30, 2016

Leading international cloud services provider, Conduit Global, today announced a long-term continuation and expansion of its relationship with Xerox.

Under the terms of the deal, Conduit Global will continue to provide the European call-handling solution, as well as modernize Xerox’s North American call handling infrastructure by mirroring the existing European solution. The North American solution will include a multilingual call-steering and call-handling platform, specifically developed by Conduit Global’s cloud services team.

Michael Graham, Chief Operating Officer of kgb (Conduit Global’s parent company) had the following statement regarding the partnership: “Xerox continues to place its confidence in Conduit Global’s cloud services offering, exemplified by Xerox’s decision to expand its footprint with us into North America.”

Since 2011, Conduit Global has provided Xerox with high-quality telephony managed services across more than 40 European countries, in 11 languages. Conduit Global provides Xerox with hosted ACD, multilingual virtual Interactive Voice Response and call handling services.

For further information on this contract, please contact, visit, or call (212) 909-8260.


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