As more utilities companies compete for customer acquisition and retention, partnering with an experienced contact center provider has never been more important

Customer experience at the heart of utilities contact center delivery

The continued onset of deregulation means that top-flight customer experience has become a priority for utilities firms. Whether it is electricity, gas or water provision, being able to ensure that end-users remain loyal to their existing vendor is essential for utilities companies, regardless if it involves a routine service enquiry or an emergency situation.

Cloud CRM solutions crucial to utilities

In addition, upgrading outdated CRM systems in order to ensure better service to consumers, while adapting to evolving compliance requirements, is a major obstacle for utilities. Many are scrambling to determine how best to drive efficiencies without investing heavily in technology.

Conduit Global as your natural utilities cloud contact center provider

Conduit Global’s experience as a partner of choice among some of the world’s leading utilities firms makes it the natural first choice for players in this space looking to establish themselves as leaders in customer experience.

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