In a rapidly-changing communications industry Conduit Global has the experience needed to help drive value across all types of consumer interactions

Telecommunications and media are evolving

Dealing with the changes in how customer care is delivered for telecommunications and media customers has been challenging for providers in this space. Greater expectations around consumer support delivered across a growing numbers of channels requires more interactions than ever before. In this ever-competitive market, telecommunications and media providers cannot afford to lose their base of loyal consumers, meaning more pressure on front-line customer experience delivery.

Conduit Global has a legacy of success in telecommunications and media delivery

Working with some of the most established telecommunications and media clients in the world Conduit Global has the experience that telcos need to enhance every voice and non-voice interaction, in order to ensure maximum end-user loyalty.

A host of cloud contact center solutions for telecommunications and media

Whether it is cloud contact center services, voice or non-voice support, technology management or a combination of all three, Conduit Global’s growing footprint in the telecommunications and media sector is proven to drive customer satisfaction and efficiencies for enterprise partners.

Our Services Cover

Frontline customer services

Whether it is voice or non-voice support, Conduit Global is committed to the best possible resolution in the most efficient way possible

Back-office process management

Managing service activations and handling billing issues are among the administrative functions provided by Conduit Global in this sector

Technical support

Activations, break-fixes and setting appointments for technician visits are areas in which Conduit Global excels

Cloud services

Helping players in telecommunications and media across all aspects of cloud-based needs and technology requirements

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