With consumers and business taking on a changing host of technology offerings, pressure on contact centers supporting this space has never been more pronounced

Technology consumer support has never been harder

Technology products and the consumers that buy them are constantly evolving, and so too are the methods by which they wish to interact with enterprises. But, with the demand for support across a growing number of channels on the rise, ensuring first-rate customer interactions every single time is a challenge for cash-strapped technology contact center managers.

Conduit Global as your technology cloud contact center partner

Conduit Global has first-hand knowledge of how best to deliver cross-channel support to today’s technology customer, in order to guarantee long-term loyalty and revenue opportunities. Whether it is supporting basic service queries or the most complex technical support functions, Conduit Global has the right contact center solutions for enterprises across the technology spectrum.

Our Services Cover

Front-line services

Customer service, technical support, troubleshooting

Revenue generation

Sales retention, up-sell / cross-sell capabilities

Cloud CRM services

Omni-channel platform integration

Back-office management

Billing and payments administration

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