Our integrated retail customer experience solutions help brands build more personal multichannel relationships with their customers. We help companies around the world cultivate loyalty, revitalize sales and maintain the agility to keep up with evolving customer behavior.

Changes in retail and eCommerce mean new commercial challenges

There is no question that retail and eCommerce has changed drastically in recent years. More options for consumers have led to greater emphasis on long-term loyalty than ever before. As a consequence, retail and eCommerce vendors cannot afford to get their contact center strategy wrong. One bad interaction with a consumer could mean a lost stream of lifetime revenue.

Contact center services vendors as a means of driving value

With in-house retail and eCommerce CRM budgets tighter than ever, developing a steady base of customers by excelling in interactions across channels, while maintaining the highest standards in data security remains the biggest business challenge in this vertical. Conduit Global can help its client partners in the retail and eCommerce sector by working with them to provide a multitude of these services.

Our Services Cover

Front office care

Multi-lingual customer service (voice and non-voice), cross-channel technical support

Revenue generation

Sales retention, up-sell / cross-sell, inbound sales

Back-office support

Transaction processing and management services

Cloud contact center services

CRM technology optimization, fraud prevention /data protection, developing omni-channel solutions.

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