As governments at all levels rationalize resources alongside increased demands for transparency, third-party contact center delivery is crucial for enhanced citizen engagement

Public sector transparency a difficult equation

Despite demands from citizens for more transparency, the ongoing pressure that in-house government contact centers face in the current atmosphere of tight budgets makes information provision more of a challenge that ever, as does the need to handle enquiries across a growing number of non-voice channels.

Information flow must be cross-channel

In essence, public sector contact center services must adapt to the realities of today’s CRM in order to ensure a steady, relevant flow of information to citizens. However, with limited capacity to invest in new channel engagements and contact center optimization, governments officials are at a loss in how to reconcile these challenges citizen expectations.

Conduit Global is a leader in public sector cloud contact centers

With a legacy of experience working with governments at all levels, Conduit Global can assist public sector departments and agencies in a number of functions.

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Omni-channel program development, social media

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