Today’s financial services player need to find, keep and increase their scope of business with individual customers by way of first-rate interactions and efficient process management.

The evolving face of financial services

Financial services providers have undergone rapid change over the course of the last decade, both in terms of product and service expansion, as well as the different interaction platforms that they are required to support. Couple this with an increase in regulatory oversight, and keeping customers happy across both voice and non-voice channels in a cost-effective manner has never been harder.

Working with Conduit Global in financial services

Conduit Global’s legacy supporting financial services clients makes it the ideal partner for players in this sector, whether it involves helping consumers with enquiries related to retail banking, credit cards, insurance or investments. With a growing footprint in this rapidly-evolving vertical, financial services’ clients can leverage our experience in frontline delivery, back-office process management and cloud CRM solutions.

Our Services Cover

Front-line customer care

Appointment setting, balance enquiries, account activations

New business management

Cross-sell / upsell, credit applications

Back-office processing

Credit management, dispute resolution, billing / payments management

Cloud Solutions

Virtual contact center management, CRM platforms, data protection assurance

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