Providing the support needed to excel

Conduit Global believes that meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations is key to a rewarding work experience. Thus, when joining our organization, new recruits can expect a full induction providing them with an understanding of ‘who’ is Conduit Global and the values that we stand for. No matter what level of experience in the cloud contact centre services, each new recruit will get the attention that they need in their initial training and while on the job, in order to realize their potential.

A career path for all team members

The customer care industry is one filled with excellent career opportunities for motivated, positive people. At Conduit Global, we believe in nurturing each team member’s individual talents, in order to make sure that they can realize their full potential within our dynamic organization. This is why we make sure that while the goals our agents need to meet are challenging, they are ones that are achievable and that the support is in place to make this happen. Agents that excel in their roles are quickly identified for promotion within Conduit Global, a policy that has led to many front-line staff to advance into management. We believe in hiring internally, and by demonstrating initiative, leadership and good judgement, any agent has the potential to grow their career at Conduit Global.

A fun and productive workplace

Conduit Global believes that it is crucial for its team members to enjoy their time at work. In order to handle voice and non-voice interactions effectively, our organization aims to ensure that agents can do so while being able to take advantage of our well-maintained facilities that are designed to accommodate their needs during breaks and meals. In addition, a host of social activities related to local holidays, sports themes and special events that incorporate not just Conduit Global team members, but their families too, are part of what make this an enjoyable place to work.

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